When deciding to buy a laptop, you would want to take into consideration the type of laptop you need, whether you prefer a refurbished laptop or a brand new one. For instance, one of the first criteria to consider is the screen size and these typically ranges between 11 inches and 18 inches.

Take a look at the different types of discount laptops available in our category listings and decide which platform and style of laptop you want.

  • Chromebooks – These are typically lightweight laptops on the entry-level end of laptop computers. They usually come with limited battery life and storage space, however, they do operate like other laptops. They sometimes do lack some extra features like optical disc drives.
  • Convertible Laptops – These type of laptop computers can either operate as a laptop on one hand or as a tablet when the screen is removed from the keyboard or bent 360 degrees backwards in the opposite direction. If you would like your device to be a laptop first then tablet second, you should choose the type that turns 360 degrees. Vice-versa, if a tablet is your primary choice, then you should choose a detachable touchscreen device.
  • Gaming Laptops – Gaming laptops are powerful laptop computers that possess a great amount of random-access memory, much more powerful graphics cards, larger storage drives and faster processors, making them appropriate for high-end computing tasks, such as the processing speeds you would definitely need when you are playing video games.
  • Home & Office Laptops – Whether you’re working in your office, on a train or at home, you’ll need a reliable and typically small laptop to get the job done. No matter your profession or home-office disposition, a good business laptop should be able to do it all. It should be portable enough to easily slide and fit into a bag or carry-on when on the go. It should also have a battery that can last a long distance ride without a single charge and also be equipped with reliable Wi-Fi that won’t fail during an important video conference call. A great home and office laptop should enable you turn any working environment into your own personal office space. The home & office laptops we have available in store are great for use at home and for business. Also, they are some of the best on the market and will be adequate for whatever you need.

Laptop Accessories

In order to enjoy all of the benefits that your laptop has to offer, there are some accessories you need to consider adding to it as well. Some of the accessories to consider as important additional features for your device are:

  • Hard Drives, Storage and USB Flash Drives – If you’re not yet ready to buy a new laptop but would like to increase your hard drive or storage space, then purchasing a replacement laptop hard drive would be an ideal solution. These could tremendously increase your hard drive space, for example: from a 500GB to as much as 6TB. Also, ensure that the replacement hard drive is suitable with your device and have it installed by a certified professional if possible. Another option you could consider is to choose a portable hard drive that connects to your laptop through a USB port and allows you to store up to 16TB of data, regardless if it involves movies, photos or music.
  • Batteries and Adapters – Anyone working with a laptop computer certainly knows that the batteries don’t always have enough juice in them, most especially as they age. Therefore, having a spare or backup battery makes it attainable to keep working without having to always plug your laptop into an electrical socket in order for it to charge. You could also boost your battery power with a larger battery. A/C adapters enable you to both power your laptop computer and recharge your battery right at the same time. It is advisable to buy an adapter that is compatible with your brand and model of laptop.
  • Audio and Video Components – Although most laptop computers have pre-built factory speakers, nevertheless, headphones generally provide higher-quality sound. However, if you so desire, there are decent computer speakers that you can hook-up to your laptop that would immensely improve the sound it delivers. These are smaller in size than even the average PC audio speakers and would adequately connect through the USB ports of your laptop. Also, if your laptop doesn’t have a built-in webcam, you could always add one by attaching it to the top of your laptop’s screen.
  • Cases and Bags – You should always form a good habit of protecting your laptop with a laptop bag, sleeve or case when it’s not in use. These are designed to guard your laptop from harm, moisture and damage from any accidental falls. Some are designed with slim profiles, while others have room for other accessories like extra batteries, power cords and speakers.